Oct 31, 2010

shake hands dude?

Nov : hye Oct, guess this could be your end for this year huh?
Oct : yoyo Nov, hmm i bet so. i will be missing all the memories that came across my days.
Nov : hey no more tears dude, your time will come back again. and that time you'll be great and famous like me here okay?
Oct : i don't wanna be great, famous like you Nov. you'll know it when it came across your days.
Nov : ow come on dude i'm just joking around okay, no hard feeling please?
Oct : it's okay Nov, i guess these memories just came at a time. just let me be the one who'd be the sad one here.
Nov : come on Oct, I am here not just to replace you, i'm here to make you feel extra happy too. its just my first day today, yet i will share my days with you okay.
Oct : you are too kind Nov, but its okay i'll be okay here watching your days and the memories.i don't want to make you feel like the way i feel now Nov.
Nov : thank you Oct dude,thats why you were next beside me from the start is it. you are just like my brother, i love you dude hell yeah haha!
Oct : so shall we shake hands now?

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