Mar 14, 2010

weekend workout

haha this weekend im going back to my hometown, kangar. i feel so sorry to my friends because cant "lepaking" with you guys this weekend. oh ya btw like i used to do since im here is still "lepaking" with friends and of course im not forgetting my dearly assignment. damn i thought i can have a happy holidays with none of shit; i mean its typically real shit. moreover its a shit weekend. its more fun if im not going back here hahaha oh like i care all those things. to orix thanks to you just because having some fun with me:p

ps*im not forgetting you lah heqal wijoyo haha:)

1 comment:

  1. welcome de.haha.u r ma besh FUCK buddy.hahaha.av very2 great experience n fun wif u diz weekend de.thx de.hahaha.