Mar 11, 2010

hashish, new thing found in the hookah's (shisha, indian pipe) flavor.

Hashish, hash or also called resin glands were found in the shisha's flavor. people out there sure dont know what is this thing for sure. i once try to have some and i get so dizzy after having some blow of that smoking shisha. yeah i know you are not gonna believe me for sure just because you all smoke it too rigt. how about try to smoke for yourself, i mean a bottle with any flavor and with 3 times refill for a single guy till the last smoke. yes for sure you will get dizzy, or maybe worst.

Hashish is often a solid or paste-like substance of varying hardness and pliability, and will soften under heat. Its color can vary from green, yellow, black, reddish brown, or most commonly light to dark brown. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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